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Nevada can elect a new leader to make a difference in Congress. 


Supporting economic growth, medical innovation, environmental accountability, and individual security through liberty.


Improve U.S.-Mexico immigration and trade relations

At the southern border, all walks of life cross miles of desert into the land of dreams. To protect a fundamental tenet of liberty and free market capitalism, we must make two major steps in addressing concerns and resolving a national immigration policy debate: build accessible channels of documented migration and implement fairer tax systems for citizens + foreign travelers.

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Develop a better, faster, cheaper healthcare system

To fulfill the needs of the public, I will propose the frameworks for a new healthcare market. It’s not only the creation of a debt assistance guarantee, but also the establishment of a free market drug market. These are among the many ways we’ll expand access to care and lower costs.

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Promote financial sustainability in response to evolving industries

Let’s face the stark facts: the success of Social Security is systematically threatened by the advent of new social programs and a growing welfare state. Centralizing all financial assistance services under a universal safety net will protect all citizens from impending market crashes and fluctuations in employment numbers with the rise of automation. Whatever we call it—UBI, a Citizen’s Dividend, or Monthly Cash Stipends— with a simplified, more fiscally-stabilized system we invest in America’s financial durability. Built on the ideas of the Founders and championed by renown economists, a universal safety net establishes a strong foundation/baseline of wealth regardless of class or employment status.

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End the prison industrial complex

Our progress is undermined by the world’s highest incarceration rate and the largest prison population on the planet. Hopes and dreams are still in shackles for America’s historically disenfranchised people, imprisoned for victimless crimes and thrown into a never-ending cycle of poverty and recidivism. The best plan to limit the size of government is to commute sentences for select drug crimes and expunge the records for federal drug convictions.

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We started as outspoken voices.
Today, we fight to take the lead.

When our representatives ignore our voices, we must rise to the job. In the next year, follow the campaign as our team of volunteers hit the streets of Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. Learn about the people, places, and problems of Nevada’s most sprawling constituency.


Meet Jonathan Royce Esteban

Dedicated to positive change.

The 2016 election marked a turning point for everyday Americans: to make our country better, we the people are responsible for staying involved with the very bodies that govern. A republic fueled by the brightest voices of our communities lead us through adversary towards positive change.

As the youngest candidate to run for Congress on November 3, 2020, my journey to a victorious campaign in a battleground district is filled with people-powered moments that inspire me to continue the fight for liberty, justice, and prosperity. Only a new generation can right the wrongs of the past and solve the problems of the future. It will take brave new ideas to make this country feel like home again.