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My Story


Who is Jonathan Royce Esteban?

where I was raised

Like so many in southern Nevada, I left behind the islands of Hawai’i for new opportunities. With me, I carry the values instilled from growing up among such a diverse group of people. Hawaiian culture dictates that there is nothing more important, or vitally connected to the human species than the land itself — the “aina.” An intelligent species cares for the aina and protects the health of the aina — the environment. I was taught to be active in the community, that many hands working together could achieve anything — “laulima". Not just our voyages to new frontiers, but our collective efforts to defend our homeland from threats domestic, foreign, or existential. I saw the heights of city management and quickly knew that only the community could restore the beauty of the community.

In March of 2006, the City and County of Honolulu diverted more than 48 million gallons of raw sewage into the Ala Wai Canal — feet away from my elementary school. Failure in leadership and maintenance of public infrastructure led to one death, dozens sick, and immense pollution of our beautiful shores. It came to the people to stand up and make a change. Community involvement is more powerful than government agencies and slow-moving bureaucracy.


the reason why i’m running

When I moved to the Las Vegas Valley four years later, I saw a desert with so much potential. I saw the aspirations of many innovators waiting to be unleashed. I saw fertile ground for prosperity and the pursuit of dreams. It was during the 2012 election in my government class at Valley High School that sparked a new journey — a mission to reform government to work for everyone. We needed to approach new ideas.

In 2016, I joined the support staff at Clark County School District facilities. I spoke to many teachers, tired and defeated by long and intense days of instruction. Defeated by administration and regressive processes, I saw the other side of my concerns as a student.

Since then, I’ve started a new career in the technology sector — coordinating office functions and operations for a Fortune 500 company. Working with nearly 2000 employees in Las Vegas, I’ve seen the ins and outs of the renewable energy and automotive industry. We’ve developed residential solar, electric cars, and the best batteries in the market — none of that happens if you aren’t willingly to do everything you possibly can to get it done. That’s the type of attitude that Congress lacks.

Now I’ve taken to the streets. I’ve collaborated with Nevada’s hardest working activists to advance the voices of the silenced and forgotten. We’ve rallied to end cash bail, held vigils for jailed migrants, and lobbied at the Legislature for youth issues. These things matter to us, but nothing happens if we don’t get it done.

Will Rep. Steven Horsford get it done?

Nevada’s 4th Congressional District deserves more than a party-line vote for the Democratic establishment. We need more than the vote of establishment lobbyists favorite candidates. We need someone in the House of Representatives that will start tax reforms and force the Senate to bring sweeping reform bills to the floor. We need to be braver than we are being today.


how we will win

In order for us to win in 2020, we must stand by our principles.

When elected, I will vote—practically— where it moves us forward on our goals, pragmatically ending the issues and crises we face today, and progressively implementing exciting new proposals for the future…

As a member of the Libertarian Party of Nevada and its communications team, this battle will not be easy. We’re going up against the establishment, media bias, and millions of dollars from special interests. In order to be seen as viable, we must raise enough money to hire full-time staffers to organize canvassing, produce ads, gather data, process constituent feedback, and ensure we are compliant with federal election laws.

In order to make it to debate stage, we need at least $50,000 and a campaign office — as an everyday person running for office, I’m investing as much as I can into this project, but I need your help. Getting this off the ground will take your vocal support, endorsements from makers and doers in the community, and every single dollar to fund our efforts to reach voters throughout central and southern Nevada.

Ultimately, this is a fight against a self-destructing system. Only together will we overthrow the two-party system. With all hands in, we will usher in a great new American future.

I am running for Congress to represent Nevada’s 4th District! On Nov. 3, 2020 — vote for change!

I believe in you, will you believe in me?




we’re going up against billionaires and lobbyists

fund our fight