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I am the decriminalization candidate. Together, we will free the people, guarantee health care, and enhance financial security for every American in every community. Government should not control our lives, it should protect our independence and promote peace in our country.



There is no compromise to our most fundamental values — the opportunity to live in American is the beacon call for all those who dream of better days. We share in the pursuit of liberty with compassion to those who make the trek to this sanctuary. Regardless of who presides over the federal government after the 2020 election, it is up to Congress to act to protect the spirit of America and pave an equal pathway to citizenship. In bipartisan steps, I will expedite the release of those currently held in detention centers along the southern border, enhance conditions for those undergoing screening for human trafficking victimization, and pass sweeping legislation that addresses the public safety and economic concerns falsely attributed to migration by decriminalizing all border crossing so that our human trafficking enforcement programs are more effective at detecting actual victims of crimes.



Indeed, access to healthcare is a human right. However, single-payer is not the answer. In order to lower drug prices, expand access to health services in rural communities, and promote advancements in medical technology we must permit international importation of drugs in response to growing medical tourism. More government is never the answer in healthcare — in fact, government regulation, over-oversight, and expensive licensing and testing, and hospital zoning restrictions have inflated the overhead costs of running a medical practice while driving up larger margins of profit for the biggest enterprises. By freeing the market, competition will drive prices down, spark renewed innovation, and secure America’s ranks as a destination for health services — we won’t lose business to our free market neighbors south of the border anymore!

In addition to meeting these economic standards, I will support a measure that establishes a new public option for all Americans. Once we withdraw hundreds of billions in subsidies from employer-provided insurance benefits, we can reinvest in a default coverage option—charged at the point of use—for all those who are uninsured in a moment of emergency, catastrophe, as well as financial assistance for essential services such as reproductive care, veteran and elderly care, mental health programs, annual preventative checkups—including dental, hearing, and vision. Funded by your own tax contributions, you can finance health services without worrying about the immediate weight of bills, even applying charitable donations directly toward the costs. Combined with private insurers, we can create a tiered healthcare system that leaves no one behind regardless of wealth, while encouraging premium private plans for those who seek specialized care. This is what we call an American Healthcare Guarantee.


To meet the challenges of automation and major changes in our industries and workforce, the rewards of our labor will fluctuate dramatically in the future to meet the demands of public consumption and the growing autonomy of production. To better supplement struggling individuals and families during that transition, we must reform our entire welfare state to work for all Americans. Distributed to every citizen, I propose a Treasury Dividend that returns 50% of all federal tax revenue back to our pocketbooks. Unlike basic-income-stipend programs, the Treasury Dividend maintains the incentive to work, while uplifting broken and impoverished communities and ensuring everyone has enough to live, eat, and thrive every month. The Treasury Dividend fund will be apportioned equally to 50% of collected tax revenue and divided equally among all American citizens. The more powerful the GDP, the more rewarding the Treasury Dividend may be that fiscal year — that’s more than $1,000 if the Treasury Dividend were to go live today!

By eliminating a fixed amount for the dividend, we can control overspending and the uncontrollable costs of welfare programs in the United States. We will not only simplify the distribution of entitlements and benefits, we’ll also streamline the entire federal government. Imagine what you could do with the Treasury Dividend: save for retirement, pay for college expenses, invest in startups, even pay for the basic costs of living, including medical costs. This program is fairer and more sustainable than Social Security, Medicaid, student aid, and food stamps.


Income taxes aren’t working in America. Far too many evade paying their fair share by targeting loopholes in our tax system. Meanwhile, the bureaucracy within the IRS is nearly criminal. It’s time that we abolish the federal income tax, lifting the burden off the earnings of millions of people who sought relief in tax shelters, like Nevada. As one of the few libertarian voices in Congress, I will work with tax reformers on creating a fairer tax system that will apply only on commerce and trade transactions. Like a national sales tax, we can set lower tax rates on lower cost products, while progressively increasing the rates on higher end goods, virtually serving as a luxury tax on the indulgent class.

To enforce this tax, registered enterprises and corporations will collect taxes at the point of monetary trade in order to reap the benefits of public infrastructure, as well as to receive the insurance of theft and trade protection from our court system. America, meet The Universal Tax: simplifying compliance for businesses and freeing workers of the burden of tax filings.


National debt

$22 trillion and climbing. That unbelievable number is a tumor on America’s economic future. In order to tackle the national debt, we must reduce expenses and operating costs, then maintain a surplus in public revenue. That means we must initiate Operation: Streamline — a total overhaul of the structure of the government, significant reorganization of the government workforce, consolidation of federal departments, and a major minimization of bureaucracy within public operations. In addition to that, I will lead a new House unity caucus to approve responsible spending budgets submitted by the President. By 2030, the federal government should reduce its spending by a fraction of 2/5ths — a reduction of $2 trillion a year.


Criminal Justice

I am the decriminalization candidate. There is no single issue more vitally important to me than the mass liberation of those harshly incarcerated for victimless crimes. I will submit a House resolution to committee to update police training in nationwide, while ensuring officer safety and increasing accountability for misconduct. Attached to that resolution, I will fight for a Clean Slate Bill. Under this law, nonviolent drug offenders, sex workers, and traffic violators will have their sentences commuted, their records expunged, and we will end state laws that limit the right to vote to those who have already served time for their crimes. We must believe in restorative justice — reduce the astronomical costs to maintain countless prisons and work to rehabilitate and get people back to work without their records obstructing them from obtaining good paying jobs and skilled careers. This bill will virtually decriminalize the possession and cultivation of cannabis, while offering rehabilitation services for those publicly using illicit narcotics and other contraband. Also, most proudly, I will sponsor any measure that decriminalizes sex work. We need to focus on protecting those in harm’s way, instead of punishing independent choices we make to our own selves.

The social effects of criminal justice reform are only positive, in the many areas that we’ve already made breakthroughs. This is an impassioned fight led by those who seek true justice. We are not a free nation if so many of our people in shackles. And this serves as our first step toward the reparations needed for the black communities torn apart by this racial injustice system.

Gun Laws

Gun safety is a serious talk we’ve long delayed in the halls of our nation’s capitol. While we must invest in mental health resources, we must come to terms with the fact that legislation will not end all of the killings. Gun bans don’t save lives, America has a prohibition problem. Black markets and private trading prevent gun control measures from working effectively.

Prevention and response are two areas that we can improve. Both public and private sector security have ramped up training in areas vulnerable to threats. We can tame the toxic gun culture, we can address a mental health crisis, we can be prepared by learning and practicing safe gun ownership, we can decriminalize responsible gun possession and end discriminatory Minority Report laws. With the passing of a Well Regulated Act, we will declassify firearms, and strictly regulate hazardous materials and explosives, so that your individual right to bear arms is never infringed, or amended again.

Due to emerging technologies—such as 3D printing—changing the way weapons and ammunition is manufactured, bans may be virtually impossible to enforce without encroaching privacy rights. Our legislation will decriminalize responsible weapon possession, lay out stiffer accountability on misuse, and promote community collaboration with resources for reporting direct threats to federal investigators. Under the Well Regulated Act, citizens may challenge unconstitutional state court rulings by upholding your legal right to gun possession and defensive carry.

Only a vigilant community can stop this madness. Reach out, speak out.

Cyber security

Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election was a disinformation campaign to undermine our democracy, influence public opinion, and dismantle faith in our voting systems. Whether or not there was collusion between the winning presidential campaign and the Kremlin, the 2016 intelligence operation presents a new challenge for national security. Once elected, I will demand the CIA look into safeguarding our election technologies from foreign influences and commanding a summit of tech firms on ensuring disinformation can be identified by the public. As a nation, we must take responsibility in what we believe, and exercise self-started fact-checking in our search for news.



Education For All!

As the most prosperous nation in the world, we excel because we value early education for our youth. The Department of Education fails to serve all children equally — botching school quality between zip codes and prioritizing standardized testing for college over useful life skills. As the new generation of leadership, it is up to younger representatives who’ve experienced public education in the last decade to make the much-needed updates to our curriculum. We’re going to ditch one-size-fits-all instruction. We’re going to ditch college-preparatory testing. And — we’re going to ditch the regressive Common Core standards.

How are students expected to be ready for careers, public service, or higher education if they do not have interest in the very basics? Parents should feel confident that their children are safe in school, protected by teachers and staff, and provided choice in education. Teachers should feel confident that they can lead an instructional period without obstructive oversight from administration. Students should feel confident knowing that nothing stands in their way of excelling and setting a course for their own academic path.

This will require us to end zoning restrictions, allow parents to use vouchers for private institutions, provide quality meals, diversify educational plans (esp. sexual health classes), offer free preschool, introduce at-home online classes for immobile or transient students, eliminate gender divisions in restrooms and sports, and protect free speech on campus. In the coming decade, we will focus on teaching civics, internet safety, and personal health before graduation — making high school diplomas more valuable than ever before.


Climate change

To recognize mankind’s effects on the climate, we must review the changes to our environment. An Ecological Census must be conducted every ten years, performed by the U.S. Geological Survey, and its results released to the public starting in 2025. The Ecological Census will monitor, study, and document the year-by-year effects climate change has on our lands, and what action plans are needed to survive or thwart that change. This Census will recognize coastal flooding in parts like Miami, where sea levels have risen several inches. It will help us develop action plans to minimize our contributions to global warming, like in the north where summers are the hottest on record. Even our own Lake Mead and regional droughts can be solved once we examine the water crisis along the Colorado River. The Census will not just serve to identify the natural environment and its wildlife, but also its effects on the health of humans.

An Ecological Census will guide our efforts to consolidate federal lands (making up 84.9% of Nevada, alone), freeing them up for sale to the public, and returning stolen lands to tribal sovereign nations like our very own Moapa Paiutes and preserving the sacred soils of Mauna Kea.

The Census will also help us lead an effort to determine water and land rights, fine destructive commercial mining practices, and identify sites for nuclear energy production, as well as a safe depository for nuclear waste management. Here in Nevada, that means relaunching a study of Yucca Mountain, and its scientific and economic potentials. Nuclear energy is the key to generating electricity on a mass scale and achieving zero emissions, in cohesion with other renewable energy technologies.



What inspires me? To right the wrongs of the past. Once elected, I will fight to establish an Office of Justice for Indigenous and Enslaved People. This way we can legally recognize privately-investigated claims of injustice within bloodlines rooted in the immoral slave trade of our past. Private matters can be settled with the assistance of the information we gather and confirm within this new office. Frankly, slavery is theft. There is no easy or fair way for the United States government to make payments to those who descended from abused lineages, but we can be constructive in the communities directly linked to segregated policies that obstructed their pursuits for prosperity. These communities, at the very least, deserve the recognition and effort to rebuild their impoverished neighborhoods.



Deregulate tech. Innovations in home medical care and transportation are often obstructed by government regulation. Let’s end all that. Our vision of the future is bright: America can take the lead on tech and space travel. Think of how far we can go when we let vehicles self-drive, integrate private mass transit systems with public infrastructure, and permit private investors to launch the mission to Mars. We have met an exciting new frontier!



America loves farmers. Libertarian economic policies alleviate financial burdens on farmers that are mostly brought on by the government. No public agency should politicize the use of GMOs or Organic food labeling to further their social agendas. Meaning, we’ll work to get the FDA and EPA off your back when you’re caring for your crops and livestock yields and focus on consumer chemical transparency. In addition to that, we’ll fight for hemp production. Hemp is an extremely useful material that could revolutionize food, disposable ware, and construction. Hemp, by extension, is just the tip of the iceberg with the incoming Green Rush — as we decriminalize possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use, more states will begin to legalize cannabis businesses.

foreign policy


America’s place on this globe is to be a sanctuary country. We protect our sovereignty with a strong Navy and Armed Forces. Our delegates work to strengthen relations with our neighbors and trade partners with our position in international organizations. As we prioritize our own national self-sustainability and independence, we still must protect the interest of the free world by holding strong relations with our democratic allies abroad, which does not equal military intervention or paying the everyone else’s bills with funding groups like NATO. We must remind our leaders in the Pentagon that military action is not always the ‘strong, tough’ move — the smart move is to be considerate of the American lives propelled into combat and seek peaceful but sturdy means to protect our nation and support our allies.

01. Venezuela

We will not step foot in Venezuela. Part of an open immigration system allows refugees to seek a better life here in America. It is not our constitutional or moral duty to engage in regime change, or tackle autocrats and fix failed governance. However, we will work with our allies in the area to provide support to the humanitarian crisis of extreme starvation and poverty that many are escaping today. This is a modern example of why socialism cannot meet the needs of the people.

02. china

Trade wars do not work. The Trump administration’s tariffs on Chinese imports will raise the cost of normally affordable products while sticking Americans with the bill. As a negotiating tactic, tariffs simply do not work — China will always practice dirty. To address the international crimes of patent infringement, we must focus on keeping jobs domestic and encouraging manufacturing locally with better business policies. America remains the best, by continuing to build the best.

03. North Korea

It is up to South Korea and Japan to protect their skies and end all unauthorized ballistic testing sent over their countries. North Korea’s nuclear program presents a possible threat to America’s pacific communities — we will not take threats lightly. If the regime’s rhetoric continues, we should end all foreign aid and discourage travel to North Korea until their leadership eases the aggression.

04. iran

Since the nuclear deal has dropped by the administration, Iran poses the greatest geopolitical concern. The ramped up restrictionism has pushed us farther from peace in the Middle East. Our reliance on foreign oil has put us at mercy of unfriendly nations — however, bans on trade threaten prosperity on Americans who depend on these goods. We must work on a new deal with Iran and its neighbors that protects free trade and prevents military incursion.


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